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bmw_transcripts's Journal

Boy Meets World Transcripts
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Remember Boy Meets World? Awesome show from the 90's? This is a community I've created to archive Boy Meets World episode transcripts, transcribed by myself (floocrookshanks). Have fun wandering through and reliving your favourite BMW moments. :)
# Feel free to comment in any of the posts! Share your opinions, your favourite quotes, and point out any mistakes in the transcript if you spot them.

# Watch the community and get the latest transcripts on your friends page! But note that I'm the only one who's going to be posting to this community.

# If there's an episode you want transcribed, request it here, but bear in mind that I only transcribe the episodes I can get hold of. And BE PATIENT!!! Please. :D

# To keep things neat, to keep everyone sane, and to be kind to flists, I keep each scene under a cut. The cuts are labelled with a random quote to help identify them.

# I'm so groovy that I'm building a full Character Listing for y'all. Bear in mind that there are a couple of spoilers in the "main characters" section here.

# It takes TIME to do this! Don't bug me about taking too long to post transcriptions - I have a life, y'know!

# I work very hard to try and get these transcriptions absolutely spot on, but nobody's perfect (also I'm not American, and there's only so much lingo I can Google). Sometimes there's a word or phrase I can't catch and trust me, it bugs me a heck of a lot more that it bugs you! Please contact me (see below) if you can fill in any gaps.

# As pretty much all communities say, in a nutshell: don't be arseholes to each other. I do this to share the love!

# No pimping non-Boy meets World-related communities, please. I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem unsuitable. Feel free to pimp BMW stuff though - the more, the merrier!

# Contact me to have your community/website listed below.
# Transcript Archive - all episodes I've transcribed so far.
# Request Post - request episodes for me to transcribe; I'll add it to my To-Do list.
# Character Listing - because it's impossible to remember everyone...
# Can you help? - lifetime debts owed to anyone who can send me episodes. :)

_b_m_w - a great place for Boy Meets World discussions.
bmw_graphics - for all your Boy Meets World graphics needs.
_boymeetsworld_ - post and read Boy Meets World Fan Fiction here.

IMPORTANT!! Join this group to help save seasons 4-7 Boy Meets World DVDs!
Email: seeking.meteora@gmail.com
Yahoo: prongsiepotter
last.fm: quitkickingme
Layout and profile codes by reversescollide, customized by sortabutnot. All graphics by floocrookshanks. Disclaimer: This community is NOT official and has no affiliation with ABC, Disney, Buena Vista, the BMW cast, or...well, anyone really. I did this on my own.