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Transcript Archive

Here's a list and links to all the episodes I've transcribed so far. At the moment I'm working through episodes in the order of my favourites lol, to get your favourite episode transcribed sooner, make a request.

# Episode 05 - Shallow Boy: Eric upsets a naive upcoming pop star called Corinna, while Cory upsets Topanga when she babysits for the Eppersons.
# Episode 11 - An Affair to Forget: Shawn's girlfriend doesn't like Shawn and Cory hanging out together, so they're forced to meet up in secret.
# Episode 13 - B&B's B'n'B: Mr Feeny goes away for the weekend and Shawn uses his house as a bed and breakfast to earn some money. Eric goes to Boston for his first business convention.
# Episode 15 - Chick Like Me: Shawn dresses up as a girl and goes on a date. Eric teaches Loni how to pick up men.
# Episode 21 - Cult Fiction: Shawn has a hard time realising who his real friends are, and gets roped into joining a cult.

# Episode 17 - And Then There Was Shawn: A serial killer's offing everyone, but who is it, and who will survive??
# Episode 18 - If You Can't Be With The One You Love: (BANNED EPISODE) Cory gets drunk and crashes a party when he finds out that he was deliberately not invited to it.
# Episode 19 - Eric Hollywood: Eric gets offered a job in Hollywood on the hit show 'Kid get Acquainted With Universe' after being spotted by a talent scout. Meanwhile, Topanga looks after Jack and a reluctant Shawn when they catch the chickenpox.
# Episode 22 - Promises Promises: (BANNED EPISODE) It's Senior Prom, and Cory and Shawn are hoping to get lucky. Meanwhile Amy has exciting news.

# Episode 09 - Poetic Lisence: An Ode to Holden Caulfield: The gang discovers Shawn's talent for poetry and Cory pushes him to contribute his work to the college poetry readings, much to Shawn's dismay.


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